Chair Companies

Furniture Manufacturing can be traced back to the earliest roots of Grand Ledge. Edmund Lampson, the first settler, was trained as a chair maker. He operated a saw mill that also made furniture. George Bull was also a local chair maker in the 1860s. In 1872 Michael McMullen ran a furniture and cabinet shop. The West Brothers had a furniture factory here by 1881.

Several other companies produced furniture here, but the two largest and most renowned were the Grand Ledge Chair Company and the Crawford Chair Company.

  • Grand Ledge Chair Company 1883-1981
  • Crawford Chair Company 1902-1929
    • Jones-Hoerner-Guest Company 1929-1931
    • Horener Chair Company 1931-c1943
  • Hixon, Tinkham and Company c1880
  • C.E Waldo c1880  (manufaturer of extension tables)
  • Grand Ledge Table Company 1902-1906  (merged with Grand Ledge Chair Company)
  • Grand Ledge Furniture Company 1919-1938
  • Grand Ledge Rush Seat Manufacturing Company c1920s
  • Grand Ledge Industries c1945
  • Grand Rapids Bedroom Furniture Company 1924-1928  (manufacturing done in Grand Ledge)
  • Hooker Upholstery 1948-1972 (upholstery and furniture)

Other Grand Ledge Connections:

  • Michigan Chair Company 1890-1938, Grand Rapids  (formed as the Grand Rapids plant of the Grand Ledge Chair Company, later spun off as a separate company)
  • Century Furniture Company 1900-1942, Grand Rapids  (founded by Grand Ledge native David Brown, former employee of the Grand Ledge Chair Co.)