About The Society

The Grand Ledge Area Historical Society was formed in 1975 during the planning for Grand Ledge’ s celebration of the National Bicentennial. The logo for the new society was chosen to represent the Seven Islands Resort of the 1890s. Annual Holiday Home Tour began in December 1975 by the Bicentennial Committee. The Society took over the tours in 1977 when the committee disbanded. In 1976 The Society published our first book Grand Ledge Remembered. In 1979, the work of Lucille Robinson was put into the book Through the Years about the High School graduates.

In the 1980s we produced three more publications: Cast in Clay in 1980 (in collaboration with MSU) about the Clay Pottery history in the City, Greetings from Grand Ledge in 1984 with postcards of the City, Very Sincerely, Frank D. Fitzgerald in 1988 about our own Governor Fitzgerald. In 1984 we opened our Museum and acquired the Opera House. The Opera House Authority was formed in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce to raise funds and plan for the renovation.

In the 1990s, after the new bridge was built, we worked on the restoration and promotion of the Opera House and the ongoing development of the Museum. So far in the 2000s we have partnered again with the Chamber to form Ledge’s Playhouse Restoration Committee to spearhead the work on the historic building. We also published a new book The 40s, 50s, 60s in Grand Ledge in 2001. In 2004 established a new community Heritage Pride Award.  The Society continues to expand our collections and promote the areas history.